A corporate professional and accountant with strong performance spanning 30 years in executive management within market leading commercial enterprises. Glen brings valuable and broad international expertise to TDS across commercial, contractual, operational, stakeholder relations, finance and risk best practices, and enterprise venture development that includes marketing and strategic planning.

Technical expertise in financial analysis led Glen to positions as Chief Executive Officer of A$100M plus Australian export businesses with markets in South East Asia, where he led negotiations with international clients, industry suppliers, government agencies, ministries and trade commissions; investors and joint venture partners, securing highly successful businesses.

Additionally, Glen has provided consultancy services to a number of private and public companies and private equity investors – advising on strategic alliances and regional expansion; capital raisings; debt and equity investment balances; extension of finance facilities; due diligence on proposed mergers and consolidations and, development of global market opportunities.


Extending over 20 years Glen has participated in all facets of establishing and managing large, highly competitive, vertically integrated agriculture and fishing businesses both within Australia and internationally, where he has gained expert skills and a realistic appreciation of the significant operational and sustainability challenges.

Glen’s expertise covers, industry structure; design and construction of processing facilities; post-harvest, cool chain and custody management from ‘farm gate’ to consumer; health, safety and hygiene; biological and technical management and accreditation. And, significantly, sustainable use and management of primary and natural resources; specifically, land, water and native produce.

In addition, Glen has vast experience engaging and working cooperatively with local communities, agribusiness, fisheries organisations, administrators, research scientists, government representatives and international organisations; as well as establishing scientific and educational planning, including setting up research facilities and vocational training to support practical labour skills and, knowledge transfer.

Glen has operated in China, India, Cambodia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Namibia, Senegal and Botswana. During 2014-2016, Glen has acted as an international technical advisor to an interlinked, renewable energy, industry development and employment creation project in remote West Africa – directly associated with a world class industrial venture.


Commercial Director
Chief Executive Officer

Candice Stanley

Candice Stanley

Managing Director

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Debra Watson

Debra Watson

Director Sustainability

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