An experienced and successful entrepreneur, developer, proprietor and executive manager of significant commercial companies and large scale social enterprises, both within Australia, and emerging and developing nations. Candice is a highly competent strategy practitioner, negotiator, and multi stakeholder relationship manager.

Prior to establishing TDS Candice held the position of Chief Executive Officer of the United Kingdom based African Foundation for Resources and Industry- funded by an international mining joint venture with assets in Europe and West Africa- Candice was appointed to establish, steward, develop modelling and leverage a large social enterprise with aims to develop interlinked, renewable energy, industrial development, and employment projects in Sub Saharan Africa.

She holds post graduate accreditations from London schools in risk, executive performance, cross regulatory tax and legal structuring, corporate finance, (and social venture capital), governance, ethical guidance, anti- bribery, and social investment programming. No stranger to building high calibre knowledge and competencies, she has also gained international company director qualifications in China, and Disaster Management certification in Bangladesh.


Candice believes cross cultural relations and attention to (equitable) distribution of resources are vital, and interlinked with commercial, and international development issues; and that the success of trade and internationally based operations depends upon the smooth interaction of key stakeholders from different cultures, and power positions – with varying political, economic and social philosophies.

Spanning 25 years Candice has operated in Iraq, Libya, Ghana, Senegal, the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Cambodia, Laos and Australia; acquiring commercial, intellectual and intuitive skills that have shaped her values and understanding of the critical socio-economic, geopolitical, environmental, energy and resource access, and commercial forces that affect the pursuit of a sustainable world, where individuals are empowered and resources are more equitably shared.


The two sectors that have occupied the majority of Candice’s professional career and focus, have been mining and international capacity development; where she has held the most senior executive management positions; concentrating not only on return on investments, growth, governance and risk mitigation, but also on investigating ground breaking strategies that provide an intersect to potentiate commercial core business, whilst also addressing critical social, environmental and resilience challenges in the communities that surround industrial operations.

An innovator, Candice views commercial mining and resources and infrastructure development projects, and their related energy systems as being fundamentally positioned to also facilitate transformative socio- economic development in the communities surrounding their operations.

As although mining and resources and infrastructure corporations are key economic drivers and spur strong social growth within some of the most impoverished regions of the world, where they commit to processes that deliver benefit to impacted and affected communities (whilst mitigating social or environmental disruption)- they have even greater potential and the competence to map innovative strategies that will provide platforms to ensure transformative socio – economic development that endures beyond the mine- delivering a legacy of resilient communities.


Candice has been recognised with awards for business, innovation and philanthropy.
She speaks conversational French, and courtesy Arabic, and has been studying Mandarin.


  • World Energy Council- Committee Member Sénégal
  • International Mining for Development- Member
  • Africa Energy Indaba- Member
  • International Alliance for Rural Electrification- Member
  • Oxford Business Group
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • International Institute of Company Directors
  • Women in Resources- Victoria, Australia
  • Corporate Responsibility Network Australia
  • Engineers without Borders Australia- Associate
  • TrusteeAfrican Foundation for Resources & Industry-United Kingdom

Candice maintains strategic and highly influential international political, diplomatic and commercial networks and operates as an engaging, energetic, motivational influencer and listener- working hard to earn respect and fulfil role responsibilities.


Managing Director

Glen Bosman

Glen Bosman

Commercial Director
Chief Executive Officer

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Debra Watson

Debra Watson

Sustainability Director

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