TDS Directors have experience in Iraq, Libya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Namibia, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Botswana, China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Australia, France, Norway and The United Kingdom.


Transformative Development Solutions Pty Ltd, (TDS) is a registered consulting and project management company with business offices in Melbourne and Perth in Australia, and associated administrative bases in Africa and England.
We are unique, small, agile, cost aware and innovative. Our Directors are our Consultants, holding over 100 years of executive technical, operational, commercial, investor, and stakeholder management experience. We’ve selected key energy, risk, and earth sciences Associates; who, share our vision, are of the highest, internationally recognized caliber; and who will also deliver on scope, on budget value to our clients.


We have extensive operational experience in emerging and developing nations- providing strategic solutions to large scale extractive projects, and significant social and commercial enterprises; where the interdependent challenges of secure energy, sustainability management, and local socio-economic community agendas, together with return on investments, require expert actions, on the ground.


Prior to establishing TDS Candice, Glen and Debra, respectively held positions of Chief Executive Officer and Senior Technical Advisors to a United Kingdom based organization-funded by an international mining joint venture with assets in Europe and West Africa.
During that incumbency they completed pre-feasibility and techno-economic studies and analysis, business case development, and designs around the delivery of (renewable) energy and sustainability systems to secure low carbon power structures that would simultaneously support large commercial operations and the establishment of local community’s value- add industries and associated infrastructure.


We have the capability to work with commercial corporations, investment funds, governments, and capacity building agencies, to ensure investments are strategic, risk mitigated, and aligned with financial and non-financial core business. And, we may assist in the feasibility, design, and management of public-private partnership projects.


Our model has been designed to be transferable, particularly to rural and remote regions of emerging and developing nations, and to facilitate Shared Value Initiatives.
Our strategies aim to establish an intersect of measurable business value for commercial operations and capacity projects, whilst concurrently providing opportunities for strategic social investments that address critical natural resources and sustainability management, and the advancement challenges that impede economic transformation within indigenous communities.


Commercial Director
Chief Executive Officer

30 years international, corporate professional; accomplished philanthropic visionary & leader; developer of strategic commercial projects throughout Australasia; published photographic author; volcano hunter & adventurer!

Managing Director

Entrepreneur, international project developer, challenger, relationship strategist, global thinker…believes the word problem should be replaced by solution. Yoga addict!

Sustainability Director

Strategist, ecologist, human capacity developer, mining specialist with muddy boots…believes that shared-value initiatives can transform human capacity into human capital. Ducati-riding skiing enthusiast.


TDS are focused on offering seamless, comprehensive solutions that simplify client interface, and that enhance quality, and increase budget and project controls.


We have established formal associations with two specialized, globally experienced and recognized energy systems and risk experts to complement our service offerings.


TDS conducted extensive studies and international research, applying academic and technical methodology to investigate RE Suppliers with the capacity, expertise and experience to implement decentralized, (off grid and or grid connected), standalone or baseload integrated Solar Photo Voltaic and Wind Driven Energy infrastructure and systems, (within remote regions of developing nations).
From the 28 Suppliers identified, we have selected 8 with whom we are forming relevant relationships, that will be activated ‘venture by venture’ to meet Client Specifications.
These suppliers may implement under either an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), or Independent Power Producer, (IPP), Model.


Additionally, TDS have diligently built a portfolio of trusted professional technicians that include engineers, earth scientists, industrial designers, agronomists, fish industry and aquaculture developers; and project managers, who we have worked with over the years. And, who can be trusted to deliver the highest standards on time, within budget, without issue, and, to exact TDS and Client Specifications. And, whom, TDS will engage as subcontractors as ventures require.